Like your black-and-white life just became technicolour.


Through our unrestricted creativity and audacious innovation, we challenge tradition, and strive to deliver something fresh and valuable to those who share our outlook.


We embody radical inclusivity and believe that you matter: regardless of age, race, background, beliefs or sexual orientation.

And we’d never shut the door on open communication. Let’s talk – always.


In our own, some-may-call-eccentric way, we’re here to change the world. So we approach everything with this attitude of progression: individually, as a company, and as people united in a world that needs our dedication.

Our CBD.

Yoder, Cope and Rush – no, they’re not our labradors, they’re our hemp farms! Fresh in the mountains of Colorado, our hemp is living the good life out there, in line with organic farming practices. Learn more about our marvellous CBD.

Tenacious by name,
tenacious by nature.

At Tenacious Labs Group, we’re on a mission. To be the world’s leading and most trusted cannabinoid group in a vibrant, competitive landscape. And our dreamy team and spectacular sister companies will get us there.

Get to know the family.