Why we’re getting “high” on the eco-friendly possibilities of biomaterial

Newsflash, there is more to the humble mushroom than you might think. While we’re totally down with the idea of mushroom tagliatelle, truffles, and the medicinal promises of magic mushroom tea, your average shroom has more to offer. And no – we don’t mean to get totally high; mushrooms can be turned into a whole host […]

Wellbeing brand HOO RAA is on a mission to redefine pleasure

International cannabinoids business, Tenacious Labs, is excited to announce the launch of HOO RAA – a new lifestyle brand where your pleasure is your power on April 7, 2022. HOO RAA’s debut product range is designed to support wellbeing through natural, mood-enhancing, and pleasure-boosting ingredients, including CBD. The HOO RAA collection targets three essential and […]